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Well work with (LaFlamme and Nicksic) throughout the process. Carolyn Nelson, an artist and former department head at Heritage University in Toppenish, is leading her first walking tour of Yakimas public art on April 24 as part of sculptor list International Sculpture Day events. Her route will include Bernard Hoseys spherical sculpture Transcendence near the Larson Building, Michael and Chad Grays basalt, steel and stained-glass Abundance on the opposite corner, Bremerton artist Will Robinsons Convolution on North Front Street and the historic statue of Col. J.J. Weisenberger at Yakima and Naches avenues. Public art is free, easily accessible, welcomes interaction from those who might be intimidated by galleries and encourages communication, Nelson noted. At some level, maybe at the most important level, art is a form of communication. It shows us things we dont have a vocabulary for. Its above or below or outside the sculpture australia realm of language, she said. People stop and have a conversation with it on a level that we dont normally experience. It does cross all language and cultural barriers. It gives us a way to talk to each other. It shows us our world in a different way. More Information sculpture x 2017 What is a solar mural?

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